Kidz Klub

Kidz Klub runs on a Friday night during term time between 6:30 and 7:45 and is a fast moving, exciting and fun programme for children in primary school (reception to year 6).

Each week Kidz Klub has a different theme and contains a mixture of teaching, games, songs, prayer, messy challenge, quizzes and a whole lot more!

We thought you may find it helpful to have some of the questions that are frequently asked, so feel free to read on...

Q: Does my child have to pay?

A: No! It’s all free!

Q: Will you force my child to do things they don’t want to do?

A: If children come along to KidzKlub, we would love for them to join in as much as they can, but we don’t force children to do anything or to come back each week – it’s up to them if they want to!

Q: Do you have any rules?

A: Yes the 3 Kidz Klub rules are: 1 Obey your leaders, 2. Stay in your seats, 3. The whistle means quiet.

We expect children to respect and respond to team leaders and if they are misbehaving, they will get an opportunity to improve their behaviour. If it continues, the leader will speak to them and give them an opportunity to explain how they are feeling, apologise and carry on with the Klub. The children are told that if they continue misbehaving, they will be sent home and if necessary, banned from coming for a period of time.

Q: Can my child bring a snack and drink?

A: No, it is simpler for everybody if the only food in the building is food needed for games, otherwise arguments may arise.

Q: Can my child leave half way through?

A: We encourage children to stay for the whole session – we don’t want them to miss out! However, should there be a good reason for leaving part way through, this would need to be communicated by a parent prior to KidzKlub. The parent or guardian would need to pick the child up, as no children will be allowed out without parental supervision.

Q: Will my child be able to arrive and depart on their own or will I have to drop them off and collect them?

A: If your child is attending for the first time we ask that an adult is with them to fill out an information form, on other occasions we are happy for children to arrive on their own however they will need to be collected by an adult.

Q: Does Kidz Klub run in holiday times?

A: No, just term time – please ask a leader if you need to know the dates

Q: Are the team DBS checked?

A: Every team member goes through the CRB/DBS process and only accepted as a team member if we are happy they are safe to work with children. All leaders are required to attend regular Safeguarding Training.

Q: Is there any way to get in contact with someone at Kidz Klub?

A: Yes, contact details are as follows:

Mobile: 07926693877